Moore Industries HES System Accelerates HART Data to the Speed of Ethernet

HES connects with as many as 64 smart HART devices to collect Dynamic and Device Variables, along with diagnostic bits and bytes

By FieldComm Group

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Moore Industries Product Photo compressorTimely knowledge about your process enables better decisions and faster preventive action. Now you can get the process detail that you need from your HART 5, 6 and 7 field devices to MODBUS/TCP- and HART-IP-based monitoring and control systems at the speed of Ethernet with the Moore Industries HES HART-to-Ethernet Gateway System.

Connect up to 64 smart HART devices to the HES and collect the Dynamic Variables and the Device Variables, along with diagnostic bits and bytes, from each device that help deliver critical information needed to help you address process and device problems before they turn into unplanned downtime.

The HES is simple to configure over Ethernet using PACTware or other FDT-compliant host with supplied HES DTM. Its support of open industrial protocols enables you to take advantage of any Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiatives that deliver your process data to your higher-level systems. Plus, you can view all of the HART data from connected field devices in read-only mode with any web browser via the HES’ built-in web server or a MODBUS/TCP-compliant host.

The new HES continues the Moore Industries reputation for rugged and reliable products that are designed and built to perform dependably year after year.

For more information, please visit the Moore Industries website.


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