Emerson Introduces Digital Level Controllers for Hassle-free Calibration and Enhanced Safety Levels

DLCs offer hassle-free calibration and SIL2 capabilities

By FieldComm Group

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Emerson Product news compressorEmerson has introduced the Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DLC3100 and DLC3100 SIS digital level controllers (DLCs) for hassle-free calibration and safety integrity level 2 (SIL2) capabilities.

Featuring a new intuitive local user interface, the DLCs provide easy-to-understand on-screen instruction for setup and calibration without the need for other tools. Level and temperature alarms, measuring range, and fluid density are readily configurable.

The DLC3100 SIS is certified for SIL2 use in accordance with the IEC61508 standard and designed to be used in safety functions to achieve a tolerable risk for a process hazard and potential risk reduction for people, systems, devices and processes.

The DLCs are HART-communicating instruments used with displacer level sensors to measure liquid level, level of the interface between two liquids, and/or liquid density. Both controllers are loop-powered instruments with a 4-20 mA HART transmitter output. HART®-registered DLC3100 instruments provide device diagnostics and recommended actions to restore instrument functionality. Alert records stored in the device also provide reference points for maintenance personnel to carry out troubleshooting.

For more information, please visit the Emerson website.

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