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  • Look, Ma! No wires!

    CONTROL magazine's Editor in Chief Walt Boyes tells us whether wireless networking in process automation applications is ready for prime time in this "special to the web" editorial for

  • Plug in to standard solutions

    Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert notes that there is no single vendor or independent organization that promulgates Ethernet standards and that end users must modify commercial standards for their own use.

  • Deterministic networking on Ethernet

    Andreas Pfeiffer writes that if Ethernet has any hope of becoming an automation control standard, time-deterministic control must coexist within a single message format with non-real-time data.

  • OPC maximizes object-oriented systems

    Control devices for passing data from one OPC DA server to another have gotten smarter and have more to say, making it easier for vendors, OEMs, machine builders and end users to communicate with them.

  • Industrial network security

    This "special to the web" book, available from, provides an introduction to the field of industrial network security and a tutorial on the basics of IT cybersecurity, physical security and personnel security.

  • Selecting an automation network

    With many projects requiring more than one network application, finding the network that best fits your needs is no easy task. This perspective will help get you started on the right path.

    Dick Caro
  • UOP gains ROI with IT integration

    At UOP LLC, distibuted control, IT integration and an integrated database management system are all top priorities that translate into increased productivity, efficiency and quality.

    Mike Jackson and Joseph Schaaf
  • Wireless for industry

    Around The Loop columnist Terrence K. McMahon reports on wireless sensor technology and how it holds great promise for the networking capability of industrial control processes.

    Terrence K. McMahon
  • Lock down your wireless Ethernet

    If hackers realize you have unsecured Wi-Fi, they'll go after it. This article from Industrial Networking magazine suggests a few important steps that can make the difference between a secure wireless system and a hackable one.

    Eric Byres, PE
  • RFID: Coming to a plant near you

    Is RFID in your process automation future? If you handle multiple-ingredient batches, adhere to record keeping practices, and need a better handle on quality control, then it's not just for Wal-Mart anymore!

    Wayne Labs
  • Technically speaking: Will standards mesh?

    Reliability, scalability and mobility are the trump cards of wireless mesh networks and should result in triumph over other wireless topologies, according to Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE.

  • Is Ethernet ready to take on fieldbuses?

    Ethernet's lack of determinism is a problem rapidly being solved by new advances, but it's going to be awhile before the technology supercedes fieldbus solutions.

    Dan Hebert, PE,&nbsp; Senior Technical Editor
  • Converge on Safety

    Special Report From Industrial Networking Magazine: End Users and Machine Builders Wait for Digital Safety Network Standards Bodies to Make Their Differences Vanish

  • Don't Cut the Cord

    Quick Connectors, Cordsets, and Sensor Modules Contribute to Productivity and Process Versatility (Special from Industrial Networking)

  • Create Connections

    Plants seize on web technology as a cost-effective way to pump information

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