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  • Is PAT a Silver Bullet?

    Ready to Kill Some Werewolves? Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) Are Beginning to Inject Quality-by-Design (QbD), Model-Predictive Control, Risk Management and Other Well-Known Process Control Methods into Long-Resistant Pharmaceutical Applications

  • PAT Expanded Coverage

    Expanded Coverage, Videos About Broadley-James, Audio Interviews, and PAT Stories and Other Resources from Control’s Sister Publication, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Process Analyzer Reliability, Maintenance & Service

    This is the 7th and last article of the series. In this article, we shall explore how the ongoing operation and maintenance phase of the analyzer system is anticipated during project engineering and construction.

  • Navigator 600 Silica Analyzer

    This analyzer provides accurate monitoring of a wide range of silica concentrations from 0-5,000 parts per billion.

  • Lubrizol, Emerson Redefining Collaboration

    Walt Boyes, editor in chief of Control, chats with Lubrizol's Bob Wojewodka and Philippe Moro, along with Emerson's Terry Blevins, on their project to embed batch process analytics into the control system to enable batch repairs.

  • Partnership to Develop Bioreactor Models

    Walt Boyes, editor-in-chief of Control, discusses with Scott Broadley and Terry Blevins the partnership to test bioreactor modeling techniques and tools for the (PAT) initiative.

  • More about cost estimating process analyzer projects

    Gary Nichols concludes his series on the proper design and project management of process analyzer systems, this time addressing estimate accuracy and cost by project stage and work breakdown structure.

    Gary D. Nichols
  • Cost estimating for process analyzer projects

    This article addresses cost estimating for capital projects on which an analyzer system is installed, through start-up and commissioning of the project, to the resultant lifetime cost savings that can be gained.

    Gary D. Nichols
  • Project roadmaps get you there

    This article illustrates how correct project engineering documentation deliverables help to eliminate scope changes during concept development and design, and minimize analyzer system lifetime costs.

  • Analyzers not ready for prime time

    It is easy to see why the analyzer market doesn’t work for end users, but it is harder to find a solution. Clues can be found, however, in one small part of the analyzer market that is improving rapidly.

  • Accurately scoping process analyzer projects

    This article covers the formal details of a project approval scope document, including front-end engineering design, front-end loading, project execution modeling, and independent project analysis.

  • Stay out of trouble with process analyzers

    Contributing Editor Wayne Labs reports that whatever the process variable or constituent to be monitored, process analyzers are out of the lab at last and ready to improve processes in real time.

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