And the Tweets Keep Coming; This Tme on Workforce Development.

Now the gang is tweeting from the panel discussion on workforce development at Rockwell Automation's Automation Fair Manufacturing Perspectives.  Keith Larson (KL), Putman's VP of content, Walt Boyes (WB), Control's editor in chief, and Aaron Hand (AH), Control Design's managing editor are doing live coverage from Chicago's McCormick Place.

WB, 10:39 -- #autofair Panel on workforce development moderated by John Nesi

WB, 10:41 -- #autofair Panelist: Alberto Alfonso Goodyear Tire & Rubber

WB, 10:42 -- #autofair panelist:Dr Thomas Deusterberg The Aspen Institute

WB, 10:43 -- #autofair panelist: Mary Isbister GenMet

WB, 10:44 -- #autofair panelist Dr Irving McPhail NACME

KL, 10:44 -- Manufacturing has a "dirty-fingernails" PR problem with young people. Rockwell's Nesi at #autofair

WB, 10:44 -- #autofair panelist Blake Moret ROK

WB, 10:45 -- #autofair Deusterberg: aging pop w/demographic decline- we will be hiring less skilled people to do high skill jobs

KL, 10:47 --  600,000 advanced mfg jobs currently unfilled in the US. Workforce panel at Rockwell #autofair

WB, 10:47 -- #autofair Deusterberg: one of USA's compet. advantages is that we are a magnet for skilled immigration

WB, 10:48 -- #autofair Isbister: new hires don't have the work-readiness skills, oh, like coming to work on time--and we are trying to use them

WB, 10:50 -- #autofair older workers trying to re-enter mfg often don't have the required skills--Isbister

WB, 10:51 -- #autofair Alfonso: we have to start doing basic training a year in advance of opening a new plant in China,S.America,etc.

KL, 10:52 -- Lack of skilled mfg workers a global problem: US, but China and Brazil, too. Goodyear's Aberto Alfonso at #autofair

WB, 10:53 -- #autofair Alfonso: we have to partner with a local vocational school and univ so we can get them to train our employee candidates.

WB, 10:55 -- #autofair Moret:for years ROK has been providing training for mfgrs and outsourcing

WB, 10:59 -- #autofair McPhail:we are also not fixing the problem of underutilization of minorities and women in STEM jobs

WB, 11:01 -- #autofair Isbister:experiential learning, applied learning models, work way better than trad teacher-in-front-of-the-room model

WB, 11:02 -- #autofair Isbister: there is a huge inertia in the educational establishment that makes mfg training hard to get started...

WB, 11:13 -- #autofair Moret:Study says manufacturers should set aside 3 pct of revenue for training every year.

WB, 11:17 -- #autofair McPhail:we are funding students to work abroad to expand diversity

WB, 11:18 -- #autofair Alfonso:we have to give all our workers a global perspective

WB, 11:20 -- #autofair Isbister:we need to deliver expertise to the USA, not just to China 

WB, 11:23 -- #autofair Isbister:we struggle to find maintenance techs who know what they are doing

WB, 11:26 -- #autofair McPhail:we have to provide multiple paths into manufacturing for students

KL, 11:26 -- Vocational skills development pathway neglected in the US. Panel discussion at #autofair

WB, 11:28 -- #autofair McPhail:we need to keep talking about increasing STEM education-we're seeing a head of steam now-and we need best practices

Now We're into Keith Nosbusch keynote.

WB, 11;39 -- #autofair Keith Nosbusch keynote: Future Trends

WB, 11:42 -- #autofair Nosbusch:McKinsey's Great Global Rebalancing-declining dependency ratios-more workers more dispos income and largest urban migrat 

WB, 11:43 -- #autofair Nosbusch:first time in 200 years when emerg mkts contribute more growth than developed ones

WB, 11:45 -- #autofair 70m per year people moving into middle class-the global middle class will double-adding $8tr consumer spending

KL, 11:46 --  World will continue to see mass migration to cities and to middle class. #Rockwell's Keith Nosbusch at #autofair

WB, 11:46 #autofair Nosbusch:China 5yr plan calls for raising the share of private consumption in GDP

WB, 11:47 -- #autofair Nosbusch: the only way dev'pd world economies can continue growth is thru productivity and innovation.

WB, 11:49 -- #autofair Nosbusch:CPI will play a bigger role in emerging markets-and in mature mkts prod'y is even more important

AH: 11:50 -- Keith Nosbusch: Product and process innovation is what’s required for developed countries to remain relevant over next decade. #autofair

WB, 11:50 -- #autofair Nosbusch:Our Integrated Architecture enables agility, productivity, and sustainability.

KL, 11:52 -- Productivity, agility, sustainabilty: key deliverables of #Rockwell integrated info and control architecture. Nosbusch at #autofair

WB, 11;52 -- #autofair Nosbusch shows a diagram of the optimized plant and supply network

WB, 11:57 -- #autofair Nosbusch:We are delivering scalable mid range systems optimized for Machine Builders--see them at Automation Fair.