Chart Recorders Will Never Die! @omegaengineering #automation #pauto #mfg

I received the following press release from Omega Engineering today. It introduces a new  temperature chart recorder. The price was also incredibly low, as you will see from the release. When I bought chart recorders to put my ultrasonic level meter guts in, for wastewater flows, in the early 1990s, I couldn't even touch one at OEM quantity for what Omega can sell this one for.

Part of the reason is the custom design of the enclosure. Not only does it look pretty hot, it also conserves space on the panel or wall, and is considerably smaller than older designs which had lots of empty air in those rectangles.

So, why bring out a newly-designed chart recorder? Haven't video recorders and digital dataloggers just plain taken over?

Not in many industries. Not in food, pharma, restaurant, shipping, and water/wastewater-- they still are the best and least expensive way to maintain data that needs to be archived for validation or other legal reasons. And they also give you a built-in trend diagram.

Sometimes old school is new school. Sometimes, as with the instant situational awareness provided by the panel wall (and chart recorders) we have given up a lot to be high tech and digital.

Here's the release:

OMEGA Introduces Temperature Chart Recorder CT89

Stamford, CT USA

Omega’s new series of Temperature Chart Recorders has an advanced microcontroller design that enables this versatile instrument to accurately measure and record temperatures in air, gas, liquids, powders, solids and semi-solids using the stainless steel remote reading 102 mm (4") probe with 4.6 m (15') cable. The CT89 series features a large LED digital temperature display, 3 temperature ranges and 4 chart speeds, a battery back-up that assures normal operation during power interruptions, a durable polycarbonate case, cover and handle as well as the ability to be freestanding or wall mounted. Applications include food storage, HVAC, general laboratory and computer room monitoring.

Price starts at $345