Checkin' Out the Book Racks

Got a news release this morning from the folks at ExperTune. Seems like George Buckbee and Joseph Alford have just released a new book, Automation Applications in Bio-Pharmaceuticals, available from ISA. The book is described as "a guide for engineers and designers new to the field of bio-pharmaceutical process control. For the experienced automation professional, this book outlines the unique design and application issues for the bio-pharmaceutical industry. For those already familiar with this industry, the book provides specific advice for automating these processes." Buckbee book The major topics include background on bio-pharmaceutical industry, economics, and processes, selection of instrumentation, valves, and hardware, automation applications, batch process control, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), regulatory and validation concerns, advanced technology applications.   Maybe not as riviting as the latest John Grisham, but could be worth the investment for those of you working in pharma.