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According to Chantal Polsonetti at ARC, HART Communication Foundation, the Fieldbus Foundation and the Profibus International have developed an architecture for a new WirelessHART gateway device:

New WirelessHART Gateway Device Simplifies Integration for End User Implementation

The process industry's three leading organizations dedicated to control network technology—the HART Communication Foundation, Fieldbus Foundation, and PI (Profibus & Profinet International)—have joined forces to create an architecture for a new WirelessHART gateway device. The device will allow a WirelessHART network of devices to communicate bi-directionally with a host automation system via the Fieldbus Foundation High Speed Ethernet (HSE) protocol or the PI protocol, Profibus.

The cooperative project addresses the concerns of industry users by delivering simple and reliable integration of a WirelessHART network with Fieldbus Foundation and PI wired networks. When completed, the architecture and its related specifications provide a standard structure for others in the industry to design and build the gateway device. more...