CSIA: Why I Go-- Part Two #csia #automation #manufacturing #mfg

So we all like to go to tabletop shows, yes?

Well, no.

Tabletop shows can be boring, and they rarely result in orders.

Not the CSIA partner exhibition. I've said for years that any vendor who deals with system integrators should be a CSIA Partner, and take part in this exhibition.

Why? Because everybody who attends is a senior manager or owner of a system integration firm and they all come equipped with pens and checkbooks.

Last night's soiree was no exception. The biggest difference was that there were over 50 partners in attendance, including some that should have been coming for years, and finally figured that out. Good going, folks-- you know who you are. Next year you can tell me if I have been right all along by telling me how much business you did as a result of this four hour event.

I saw some really cool stuff, including stuff that isn't quite on the market yet...and I did get a shirt. Thank you, Linda.

I can't wait until the conference in Scottsdale next year-- April 26-28. If you're an integrator or a vendor that does business with integrators, mark your calendars NOW and registrer as soon as it is allowed. You will absolutely NOT be sorry.