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September 30, 2009

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Micro Motion Flow and Density Coriolis Technology
Emerson’s Micro Motion measurement devices are the standard for superior fluid measurement technology. With the addition of dedicated density and viscosity products, Micro Motion meters offer the best solution — and greatest return — for any process challenge.

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Headlines from Today's Activities

- Straight Talk from the Emerson Executive Suite
- Pragmatic Project Management Requires Focus to Avoid Creep
- THUM Adapter Taps Stranded Diagnostics
- New Wireless Position Monitor Boosts Safety at Harcros
- Pavilion Full of New Smart Wireless Solutions
- Charms I/O Cards Deal Straight (Signals) for Users
- Alliance Brings PAT Solution to Life Sciences
- New Tools Extend Applications for Daniel Ultrasonic Flowmeters


Straight Talk from the Emerson Executive Suite
"Emerson’s management is a bunch of engineers, and we’re from the Midwest," began Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer, Emerson Process Management, "and Emerson’s Chairman David Farr doesn’t mince words either."

"Yes, it is in our Emerson culture to be very straightforward," added Emerson Process Management President Steve Sonnenberg, as his predecessor, John Berra, looked on and nodded.

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Control–Disk Valve Has Wide Control Range
The Fisher Control–Disk valve offers excellent throttling performance and is ideal for applications that involve fast processes and varying pressure drops. The valve’s wide control range is twice that of traditional butterfly valves for better adherence to set point. This improved capability allows control closer to the target set point.

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Pragmatic Project Management Requires Focus to Avoid Creep
To paraphrase the Beach Boys, be true to your co–workers and clients, just like you would to your process control system and plant.

Most engineers, technicians and operators lavish attention on their process monitoring and control systems. However, the actual people that install and operate these facilities often are neglected or ignored by their supervisors, contractors and each other.

To combat some of these persistent problems and bad habits, four speakers presented the Industry Forum on Engineering (for OEMs, engineering contractors and integrators) this week at the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange in Orlando, Fla.

The main advice given by the forums presenters was that specific and complete requirements and specifications, followed by equally formal and thorough change procedures are the keys to good project management and successful projects.

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"A project can be doomed from the beginning if it doesn’t have a good scope and isn’t planned adequately." Jim Carlins of Carlins Technology shared the secrets of successful project management.


THUM Adapter Taps Stranded Diagnostics
Emerson Process Management extended the predictive intelligence capabilities of PlantWeb digital architecture with the release of its Smart Wireless THUM Adapter at the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange this week in Orlando, Fla. The THUM Adapter can be installed on existing HART field instruments to free up diagnostics and process information that previously had been inaccessible in wired legacy system installations.

"The THUM device now enables all HART devices to be wireless," said Terry Buzbee, president of Emerson’s valve division. "Three or four years ago, our customers did not talk to us about wireless. We’ve done our hard work where installations are now in place, and we are now very aggressively setting goals."

Most HART instruments have rich diagnostics and process data, and yet this valuable information goes unused because older legacy systems are not equipped to receive HART communications.

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"The THUM device now enables all HART devices to be wireless." Emerson’s Terry Buzbee introduced the Smart Wireless THUM (two devices shown), a new, bolt–on adapter designed to liberate the underutilized diagnostics in millions of installed HART devices.


New Wireless Position Monitor Boosts Safety at Harcros
Touting successful beta tests at customer Harcros Chemicals in Kansas City, Kansas, Emerson Process Management announced expansion of its Smart Wireless solutions family with formal release of the Fisher 4320 wireless position monitor at a Monday press conference during Emerson Global Users Exchange 2009 in Orlando, Fla.

Emerson Process Management’s network of Fisher wireless position monitors helps Harcros Chemicals monitor valves previously unconnected to the plant’s control system. The Fisher 4320 position monitors are components of Emerson’s Smart Wireless family, and they change project economics since they represent only 10% to 20% of the installed cost of a wired solution. The wireless monitor installs and commissions quickly, providing users with a cost–effective way to access the information.

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Lloyd Hale of Harcros Chemicals discussed the use of wireless position monitors to report the status of previously uninstrumented valves.


Pavilion Full of New Smart Wireless Solutions
New wireless solutions abound in the Smart Wireless Pavilion at the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange in Orlando, Fla. "We have a complete wireless portfolio," said Dan Carlson, wireless marketing manager at Emerson. "People are solving problems, not just collecting data."

The pavilion separates the technology into solutions for plant operations and field network solutions. "Our wireless field network is based on the WirelessHART standard," said Greg Huey, Emerson wireless product specialist. "Not one radio can do everything you want. The wireless plant network is based on 802.11. With these applications you can have mobile workers who can walk in the plant environment with a handheld, or you can have wireless video or infrared cameras."

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"People are solving problems, not just collecting data." Emerson’s Greg Huey demonstrated the full range of instrumentation solutions that are now part of the Smart Wireless family.


Charms I/O Cards Deal Straight (Signals) for Users
A few less screws here and a few less wires there might not seem like that big an improvement, but every process control engineer and technician knows they can mean a lot less labor and expense—or a lot more if efficient materials and methods aren’t used.

Such is the potential of DeltaV Characterization Module (Charms) I/O cards (CIOCs) for electronic marshalling unveiled this week at the Emerson Global Users Exchange in Orlando, Fla. The company began taking orders for Charms I/O cards in September and will begin shipping in mid–2010.

"Traditionally, wires and signals coming in from the field are screwed to a terminal strip in a marshalling cabinet and then cross–wired on the back side from the strip to I/O points on the controller card," said Andre Dicaire, DeltaV’s product manager.

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Emerson’s Duncan Schleiss, vice president, platform strategy, demonstrates how single–channel Charms make it easy to accommodate late changes in project specifications.


Alliance Brings PAT Solution to Life Sciences
Driven in part by the demographics of an aging population, pharmaceutical companies continually strive to do more with less, says Saroj Patnaik, director, life sciences, for Emerson’s global industry solutions group. The pressures for lower–cost drugs are diverse, he explains, and come from lower–income seniors and from the movement to reform healthcare in U.S. "We need to help life sciences companies increase the throughput of their facilities, moving more batches through the same equipment to drive costs down."

A key facilitator of throughput improvements will be the industry's adoption of process analytical technology (PAT), which, in essence, entails the application of process understanding, instrumentation and process modeling in order to produce batches of predictable and repeatable quality.

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Emerson’s PAT solution for life sciences companies integrates synTQ functionality with Syncade and DeltaV capabilities.


New Tools Extend Applications for Daniel Ultrasonic Flowmeters
In an announcement this week at Emerson Exchange, and in a "podcast exclusive" on ControlGlobal.com, Emerson’s Dan Hackett announced major enhancements to both hardware and software for Daniel’s Model 3804 multi-path ultrasonic oil and gas custody transfer flowmeters.

"We’re widening our lead in ultrasonic flow measurement technology by providing new flow dynamics intelligence that enables easy access to expert flow analysis, alerts operators of flow disturbances, and suggests corrective actions to take," Hackett said. "The new version 1.7 firmware provides continuous flow analysis and generates actionable alerts to identify not only abnormal flow profiles, but also upstream blockage, deposit build-up in the meter and the existence of liquid hydrocarbon in gas."

Hackett continued with more features, saying, "The firmware also provides real–time AGA 10 speed–of–sound (SOS) calculations. These calculations reduce measurement uncertainty by comparing AGA SOS calculations with the meter–calculated SOS."

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Customer Ultrasonic Interface (CUI 5) software for Daniel’s Model 3084 ultrasonic flowmeter allows users to configure the meter, view flow profiles and actionable alerts, record log files, trend data, and troubleshoot installation problems.