exiderdome barges into Chicago

In a little while, the grand, weather-delayed, opening of the U. S. tour of the Siemens exiderdome will begin. Bad weather delayed the arrival of the ocean-going barge that is carrying the huge three story multimedia showpiece exiderdometo Navy Pier today, so the press events were held at the Intercontinental Hotel, instead of out on the Pier.Navy Pier For the rest of the week, exiderdome will be moored to the end of Navy Pier, and open for tours and will be part of the 2008 Siemens Automation Summit. The exiderdome, for those of you who did not read the description of it when Control visited it in Monterrey, Mexico, is not a dome, as you can see. It is a three story building, constructed of 55 shipping containers that consists of two assembly halls, an "executive lounge," and numerous display areas where Siemens can showcase their products and their experts. The exiderdome has been traveling in Asia since 2005, and has visited Monterrey and Calgary as the first stops on its North American tour. Originally, the ocean going barge was to be constructed in Chicago, but due to weather and other issues, a shipyard in Toledo was chosen instead. toledo worker works on exiderdome bargeThe Toledo Blade reported: "From the outside, it looks familiar - a 350-foot-long oil barge, with shipping containers stacked on its deck like building blocks. But in fact the "Exiderdome," resting in the Toledo shipyard dry-dock, is unlike any other boat in the country. A 'floating trade exhibition,' the containers will house glass exhibits displaying electronic products from Siemens Energy & Automation Inc., according to the company. Rather than busing their exhibits in piecemeal to individual trade shows, Siemens will ship the full exposition from city to city. Dozens of workers from Siemens, Ironhead, and German public relations firm OSK Marketing & Communications Inc. are working to complete the project by Tuesday, when the barge will begin its journey west to open in Chicago. From there, it will travel the Great Lakes and both coasts to display Siemens products throughout America. The oil ship is owned by Chicago-based Hannah Marine Corp., but has been leased to OSK to be used in trade shows for Siemens. 'This is a unique, one-of-a-kind project,' said Tony LaMantia, president of Ironhead. 'It's basically a floating theater.' When it is finished, 55 cargo containers will display electronics for Siemens commercial and industrial customers - 'anything that would have wire,' according to Kimberly Campvell-Djuric, an account manager at Siemens. Aside from the displays, the exhibition will include a multi-media theater, according to releases from Siemens."