@HIMA-Sella Introduces New Two Tier Failsafe SIS for Nuclear Plants #pauto #sis #safety #automation

Hima-Sella to develop a two-tier, fail-safe Instrument Protection System to include the EMPHASIS-approved Planar4 logic solver

Stockport, United Kingdom - Systems integration specialist Hima-Sella is to develop and provide a two-tier, fail-safe Instrument Protection System (IPS), for use in the nuclear industry, with the primary level of protection implemented using HIMA's Planar4 solid-state logic solver. Earlier this year, and under the rigorous EMPHASIS assessment methodology, the modules of the Planar4 logic solver secured approval for use in safety systems in the nuclear industry.

HIMAThe secondary level of protection within the IPS will be implemented using plug-in relay logic. Also, and in accordance with IEC 61508, the solutions for the two IPS levels will be developed by two independent engineering teams, using separate production facilities, within Hima-Sella.

Through interfacing with temperature, pressure and other sensors, as well as valve actuators and pumps, the two-tier IPS will be able to perform automatic emergency shut downs as well as respond to manual trips. The IPS project also includes the provision of a number of HMI matrix panels, to enable operators to view and respond to process and alarm conditions.

Eddy Turnock, Hima-Sella's Sales & Marketing Director, comments: "We're extremely pleased to be developing this Instrumentation Protection System and to be using the Planar4 solid-state logic solver to implement the primary level of protection. Securing approval of the Planar4's modules was a long but rewarding process, and involved representatives from the approving body visiting HIMA in Germany where the solid-state logic solvers were designed and are manufactured."