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October 1, 2009

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Control–Disk Valve Has Wide Control Range
The Fisher Control–Disk valve offers excellent throttling performance and is ideal for applications that involve fast processes and varying pressure drops. The valve’s wide control range is twice that of traditional butterfly valves for better adherence to set point. This improved capability allows control closer to the target set point.

Headlines from Today's Activities

- Pronova BioPharma Recognized with PlantWeb Excellence Award
- Best Presentations Honored at Users Exchange
- Cybersecurity Threats Are Everywhere
- DeltaV SIS Expands Scope, Boosts Speed
- Human–Centered Design Institute Drives Ease of Use


Pronova BioPharma Recognized with PlantWeb Excellence Award
The 2009 PlantWeb Excellence Award has been presented to Pronova BioPharma and NNE Pharmaplan for its innovative application of the Emerson PlantWeb digital architecture in a recently completed, $300–million biopharmaceuticals facility in Denmark.

"This was a large plant, designed to produce 1,200 tons API–active pharmaceutical ingredient–per year of Omega 3 products for cardiovascular disease control," said Jørgen Beck, automation specialist with NNE Pharmaplan. "We are proud to say that we brought the project in six weeks early and on budget."

Beck, together with Michael Christensen, plant support manager with Pronova Biopharma, presented lessons learned during this fast–track project in their Wednesday presentation at this week's Emerson Global Users Exchange, "Fast and Reliable Implementation of Large DeltaV Solution."

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Micro Motion High Capacity Coriolis Family Grows!
Emerson’s Micro Motion ELITE High Capacity line delivers unsurpassed measurement accuracy and performance for exceptionally large line sizes, 6" - 10" (150 - 250mm), high flow rates and challenging conditions.

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Best Presentations Honored at Users Exchange
Winners of various contests were recognized and presented with awards during a lunch ceremony at the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange in Orlando, Fla. In addition to winners of the PlantWeb Excellence Award and Wireless Innovators Awards, 10 "Best in Track" presentations were honored:

Business Operations & Business Systems Integration Track:
"On the Journey to Full MES—Phase II: The Replacement of Paper Logbooks with Electronic Logbooks Facilitated with PDA in an Existing Facility"
Presenters: Paul Brandenburg, Eli Lilly; Catherine Tabor, Emerson

System Applications Track:
"An Automated Solution for Managing Process Control Systems"
Presenter: Mark Bennett, Bayer MaterialScience

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Individuals responsible for the best presentations, the most innovative wireless applications and a leading–edge implementation of the PlantWeb digital architecture took the stage at Thursday’s Emerson Global Users Exchange awards ceremony.


Cybersecurity Threats Are Everywhere
Don’t worry about an isolated cybersecurity attack on your network. Worry about keeping your network safe from the cloud of threats that is out there every second of every day.

"Threats are everywhere," said Bob Huba, Emerson product manager. "You need a multi–level defense. I like to use the analogy that this is like water. If you have a leak, it finds its way. It’s floating around out there. You never really clean up the Internet. You just keep yourself clear from infection."

At the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange this week in Orlando, Fla., Huba shared an overview of DeltaV cybersecurity solutions and how to use a familiar plant model for implementing a process control cybersecurity program.

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Emerson’s Bob Huba explained the need for dynamic, continuously updated layers of cybersecurity protection.


DeltaV SIS Expands Scope, Boosts Speed
Sometimes bigger really is better.

Giving one application or process the ability to shut down safely is good. Extending and coordinating safety instrumented system (SIS) capabilities to an entire plant or other large facility is better. And making this facility–wide SIS more secure at the same time is even better.

"We’ve changed DeltaV SIS’s ability to integrate its logic across logic solvers, so it doesn’t just handle logic solvers located on the same backplane, but can expand its communications across a whole facility. This means users can employ DeltaV SIS to incorporate their fire and gas logic, emergency shutdown and other functions across their entire site," says Mike Boudreaux, Emerson’s DeltaV SIS product manager. "And we've given users the ability to create a protected DeltaV SIS template in a master system, so they can distribute their SIS anywhere they want it, but still protect it."

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"DeltaV SIS now can communicate across an entire facility." Emerson’s Mike Boudreaux explained the new ability to integrate logic across geographically distributed logic solvers, rather than just those on the same backplane.


Human–Centered Design Institute Drives Ease of Use
"Process control technologies have come a long way in the past 40 years," opined Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer of Emerson Process Management. "But the industry has invested almost exclusively in feature and technology enhancement, instead of designing around how people actually use technology."

Announcing the culmination of over five years of detailed research into roles, responsibilities and use cases in the automation industry, Zornio declared, "We believe it’s time technology began serving people, instead of the other way around."

"We’ve been incubating a human-centered design process since the very early days of our Smart Wireless designs some years ago," said Duane Toavs, director of the just–announced Emerson Human–Centered Design Institute (HCDI).

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Emerson's Peter Zornio discussed the role of the company’s newly established Human–Centered Design Institute.