Is Anybody Home?

Nancy Bartels here. Somebody just asked me, "What's up with SoundOff!? How come nobody's been posting this week?"  Well, as regular readers know, Walt Boyes does most of the heavy lifting here at SO!, and this week, he's been in Cologne, Germany, giving a speech at the TUV meeting there. For a transcript of his remarks, click here.

Upon his return, we locked his office and took away his keys so that he would take a well-earned vacation, so no Walt next week either.

In his absense, I'll be doing the posting. I won't pretend to be as good as Walt as this sort of thing, but I'll at least keep the keyboard warm. Meanwhile, since it's late Friday afternoon (at least here at the home pop stand), lock your offices, go home for a day or two and enjoy the weekend.

See ya'll on Monday.