ISA delves into Patent Lore

ISA has just published a very interesting book, as much a departure for their publishing business as when they published Shari Worthington and my e-Business in Manufacturing book. Said book has found a new publisher and a second edition will be available sometime in the next six months... buskop book But anyway, ISA Press has just published Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets: What Automation Professionals, Manufacturers and Business Owners Need to Know. Why should automation professionals care? Every company has an intellectual property policy, whether you are an end user or a vendor. It is really important to know what it is, and how to understand it, so you don't accidentally do something wrong, or so that you don't get finagled out of the value of an invention of yours. It is written in fairly plain English, in what author Wendy Buskop, JD, calls "a somewhat fun and entertaining format." It is an interesting book, and a good basic read on Intellectual Property. If you have never read anything on the subject, this is required reading for automation professionals.