Mythbusters! How cool is that?

Oseco rupture diskOseco Supplies Equipment to TV Show Mythbusters

Manufacturer's rupture disks used to test the plausibility of a movie stunt

Broken Arrow, Okla. (September 16, 2008) – Leading rupture disk manufacturer Oseco has teamed up with the popular TV show Mythbusters to supply equipment for an episode in which the cast tests the plausibility of a scene from an action movie.

Mythbusters is a show that tests the reality of movie stunts and urban myths when conducted under real-world conditions. The episode, entitled "Phone Book Friction," tests a movie stunt scene found in the shark horror film, Deep Blue Sea. In it, the characters construct an explosive harpoon using the powder from several flares to fight off their genetically engineered shark nemesis. In the movie, the harpoon hits the shark with a massive explosion, while the main character floats in the water a mere 75 feet away and then swims to safety afterwards. To test the plausibility of this myth, which the show calls "Black Powder Shark," the cast members employed Oseco’s rupture disks. The disks were used to check if the character would have been able to withstand the shock wave from such an explosion in real life.

"The show used disks that were set to burst at 500 psi, which would surely kill a human being," said Oseco Research and Development Manager, Alan Wilson. "Disks were submerged at 50, 100, 150 and 200 feet away from an underwater explosion. The disks at 50 and 100 feet burst, confirming that the movie character would not really have survived that explosion."