Protecting Our Assets-- November Special Issue

I announced a while back that we would be tearing up the editorial calendar and making the November issue a special issue with a single theme: critical infrastructure protection.

I thought I'd share with you the cover, and some of the table of contents...just to whet your appetites, see?

The issue goes to the printer tomorrow, and will be online in a couple of weeks.

November Control coverHere's a look at some of the stories inside:

My editiorial, "What Is to be Done?" asks who is going to step up and create a Global Critical Infrastructure Emergency Response Team.

Ranjan Acharya, a system integrator from New Zealand confesses to questions about ASCI and ISA99.

Bela Liptak's Lessons Learned column is about Nuclear Plant Security and Cyberterrorism.

John Rezabek's On the Bus column is an end-user's look at cyber.

In Control Report, Executive Editor Jim Montague talks about the stewpot of standards, and how to get in early before all the meat is gone.

In the "feature well," Managing Editor Nancy Bartels steps off with an introduction to "The Security Lifestyle." Then Joe Weiss and I talk reality about cybersecurity-- and how to fix the problem. Next, Jim Montague talks about how security works, in "Carving Up Security." Rich Merritt follows with two articles about physical security, one for outside the plant and one for inside. We nicknamed them "inside" and "outside" when we were working...but we didn't get inside out. Dan Hebert takes on the security of integrated safety systems in his Technically Speaking column, McMillan and Wiener interview DeltaV creator Mark Nixon on safety and security, and Keith Larson talks about the nitty gritty-- tools to make your networks secure.

I'm very pleased with the issue, and I hope you all will be, too.