Real Time Performance Monitoring Improves Asset Capability of a Batch Process

by Sandra Vann and Mike Williams, The Dow Chemical Company, and James Destro, Consultant-Siemens. Remember the slide Lynn Craig showed? "Use Money to Make Money?" This is about doing that. How do I ensure that I can get my best return on my tangible asset-- the physical plant. How do you use S88 to make money with that tangible asset? Mining for Asset Utilization Gold The Issue: Most asset utilization tracking systems focus only on mass produced per day, and explaining why you did not meet the production target for the day. Batch process optimization typically focuses on cycle time reduction. The Solution: Gather time based asset utilization data in a batch context to facilitate root cause investigation of lost production. 
  • functional requirements
  • technical challenges
  • solution approach
  • solution space
  • leverage across the company
Provide the ability to analyze batch cycle time as well as batch quantitiy produced. "Track every minute and every pound." Data must be available in near realtime (within an hour of batch completion) to enter reasons for not maeeting targets. Provide a framework to compare performance acros similar production facilities globally. POrovide ability to report data by proess cell, unit, operation and material produced. If an asset's performance deviates from target, detect a gap, assign a root cause reason and track after improvements are made. Technical challenges: Provide a solution which is extensible to 500+ manufacturing facilities across 100+ countries Accomodate physical plant configurations of batch, semi-continuous, adn continuous. Collect, aggregate and report information centrally Provide secure, rolle based access to info over a corporate netowrk Accomodate multiple data sources, legacy PI, commercial PI and spreadsheets Solution approach: Data is exported from the plant PI system in a standard XML format upon completion of the batch. In addition to date, time equipment, mass and material info, time in each major ops of the equipment cycle is catputerd. Mass and _time in each Operation_ are companred to established targets and a gap is recorded if out of tolerance Gaps are then available for users to assign causes to Comercial web based visualization tool is used to display reports across facilities, by equipment, by material, by reason, and by operation step. Data can also be exported to other tools for more extensive six sigma analysis. Leveraging the solution: MET1 (Most effective technology-corporate) MET2 (most effective technology- business specific) Supports six sigma improvement for measurement and control of quality Case study: time value of information New facility commissioned in January 2006 using RtPM upon startup 4 reactors qualifying numerous products while trying to ramp up to design capacity... ...see the presentation on the web next week.