Something Cool This Way Comes-- from R. Stahl #intrinsicsafety #safety #pauto

Once in a while, the staid, formal German automation products companies flat surprise me. A few months ago, it was Siemens, whose wildly successful game, Plantville was the first simulation game to take up my years-old challenge to do something that would excite young people about manufacturing, and do it in gamer fashion. 

Today, it is R. Stahl, the German manufacturer of explosion safety products.

Here is a very cool interactive product selection guide for intrinsic safety barriers and isolators. Maybe other vendors will follow suit.

R. STAHL is excited to introduce its interactive intrinsically safe barrier selection website.

"We're really excited about this unique free service," states Craig Yoss, Director of Marketing and Business Development. "Finally, the selection of the proper intrinsically safe barrier or galvanic isolator is made easy through our interactive selection website."

Intrinsically safe barriers and isolators are designed to be used in electrical circuits going into and out of hazardous locations as defined by articles 500 and 504 of the National Electical Code. 

Using this website, there are 2 ways to find the correct barrier or isolator.

The first is through manufacturer. Simply select the manufacturer you are looking to use, find the part number, and pick your product.

The second is through an interactive guide that will walk you through the questions necessary to select the proper intrinsically safe barrier or isolator.

If you still have questions, you can click on our free live interactive chat button which will bring you to our team of intrinsic safety technicians. 

Go to to view this free service.