Still Thinkin' About Cyber Security

One of the fun parts of my job is clicking around on the Internet to see what pops up. This afternoon's finds are these posts on Rick Kaun's "Insecurity" blog at the Matrikon website. The one I had in mind first was the October 5 post, but by the time I had my act together to get my own post going, the Oct. 7 post popped up. (Such are the joys of trying to report in real time on the Internet.) Both are worth the read.

The Oct. 5 post relates to my point (see the last paragraph) that just because you're not a nuclear facility in a country that everybody loves to hate at the moment doesn't mean you can avoid thinking about the implications of Stuxnet--or other security issues.

Kaun's post for today is just Fair Warning about the kind of sales pitches we're going to be seeing now for security software. There's no magic bullet for security, cyber or otherwise, and anybody who's offering you one is selling snake oil.