TECO Katrina Update

Last week I published most of a letter from Bruce Thompson, who is the President of Thompson Equipment, one of the largest and oldest rep/distributor companies in our industry, and which happens to be headquartered in New Orleans. Today I received another email from Bruce: Walt, Please accept my apologies for not answering you sooner - however, I have been operating on dial-ups out of New Orleans and am a little behind. The aftermath of Katrina is yet to come - the human tragedy that is emerging each day is heartbreaking. I am currently getting trailers onto the lot at my office to house 5 families - If you have not read it yet - get a copy of "Rising Tide" by John Barry, about how the national political-economic and social structure was redefined as a result of the 1927 flood of the Mississippi River. The parallels are incredible. We are living in a time that will change our lives forever. As for what is happening for us at TECO I will send you an update in a day or two... Thanx for you thoughts and know that they are greatly appreciated. Warmest personal regards, Bruce