The Hitchhiker's Guide to Manufacturing Operations Management

Once again, GE's Charlie Gifford has proven that he is one of the best manufacturing gurus in the world. As "editor and contributing author" of the new ISA-95 Best Practices Book 1.0, he puts forward an easy-to-understand, very well written guidebook that is highly complementary to Bianca Scholten's new book (reviewed in my previous post).bookcover Charlie shows that MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) can bring you lots of apple pie, or at least the wherewithal to buy more of it from your savings in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).  This is the first edition of what ISA intends to be an annual "Best Practices" compilation of white papers and essays by Gifford, Scholten, Jean Vieille, Constantin Pipero and Kishen Manjunath, Yves Dufort, Michael Grasley, Em delaHostria, Paresh Dalwalla, David Noller, Lorenzo Childress, Alan Boyd, and others. These names are familiar to anybody who's worked with SP95, or SP88 standards committees, or MESA, or other manufacturing standard groups. If you don't recognize these names, you should definitely buy and immediately plow through this book, because you will need to know about MOM to continue your active career as an automation professional.