The Universal Verbalizer

Every so often, a press release just catches me. This one reached out and grabbed me...I had to read it. It sounded like a science fiction story. Well, the reality wasn't what I had hoped, but it is pretty cool, nonetheless. How many of us have tried desperately to read the multimeter, or the display on a device that is just located in a place in a plant where you simply can't see the numbers? Yeah, I thought so---that virtual show of hands was darn near unanimous. Wouldn't it be cool if the device was able to talk? How about this?





Handheld Universal Verbalizer Multimeter, Model: UV1000


The OMEGASAYS® UV1000, designed and manufactured by Omega Engineering, measures 0 to 10 Vdc voltage, 0 to 20 mA current, and Type K thermocouple inputs and verbalizes them in any range with over 100 built-in Engineering units. The UV1000 is battery powered and equippedUniversal Verbalizer with RS232 PC interface that allows configuration of the verbalizer for input range, engineering units, and high & low alarm set points. Front keypad allows input and speech mode selections as well as volume control. UV1000 provides process & alarm announcements to help monitor and control any process measurement application where there are no local displays. The newly designed product can be used in Chemical, Automotive, HVAC and Paper industries where measurement and verbalization of temperature, pressure, and flow processes are needed. The UV1000 is CE Compliant.