Turck Joins Distributed Digital I/O Bandwagon #pauto #manufacturing #control #DCS

The rush to digital distributed I/O, started a few years ago by Emerson with their Charms, is rapidly looking like the film footage of the Sooners going into Oklahoma for the first time. Now there are many players, and as many ways of doing it. The end result of all of that is, of course, benefit to the end-user. This is a Good Thing (tm)

TURCK Multiprotocol Technology Simplifies Industrial Ethernet for Distributed I/O


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Minneapolis, MN—August 21, 2012—TURCK announces its Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol technology for Distributed I/O. Delivering a reliable solution across hardware platforms, this unique technology allows users to employ one device for three protocols—EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP and PROFINET®—creating easier integration with host control systems. Multiprotocol is designed to operate consistently across all TURCK distributed I/O product families, including on-machine, in-cabinet, modular and block I/O applications. The Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol technology provides dependable application of the protocols for TURCK’s entire Industrial Ethernet portfolio, ensuring easy device application, minimal maintenance and simplified product specification.

“With over ten years of design and tens of thousands of installations, the TURCK Industrial Ethernet product offering had become fragmented,” said Randy Durick, Director, Network & Interface Division at TURCK. “The Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol project was developed with an objective to streamline our product offering and create a cohesive strategy across our Distributed I/O product families, providing our customers with a more comprehensive, easy-to-deploy Industrial Ethernet solution.”

TURCK’s Industrial Ethernet offering can be applied in any application that uses a host system with Modbus TCP/IP (client), EtherNet/IP (scanner) or PROFINET (master). Upon network power-up, the TURCK Ethernet device will recognize the network protocol available to the network.

“This technology was designed to assist our customers in supporting multiple protocols for their own customer base,” added Durick. “Rather than worrying about multiple part numbers or various feature sets across diverging product platforms, the Multiprotocol technology allows us to make Industrial Ethernet easier for them.”

The Multiprotocol technology will be available for a variety of TURCK Industrial Ethernet devices including BL20, BL67, BLCompact and Advanced I/O (AIM) stations.

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