We have seen some cool stuff here...part two

Terry Blevins gets around. In Monday's e-newsletter conference daily edition, we ran a video interview with Terry, and also Scott Broadley and Trish Benton of Broadley James Corporation. For those of you out in the cold in outer Ubangistan somewhere, Broadley James is one of the great names in wet chemistry. In the 1970s and 1980s I bought a humongoload of B-J pH, ORP and conductivity sensors, so I know just who they are. In recent years, B-J has been exploring the wonderful world of biotechnology, and in partnership with Emerson, they've put together a packaged bioreactor and control system that is easily (yes, I said easily and I mean it) scaleable from 1 liter to 1000 liter bioreactors, including the ones with the disposable inner bag liner. Boy, those are cool. We're going to be augmenting the video interview later with footage we shot on the Exchange display floor, where B-J has some working models of reactors and a DeltaV control system. Trish did a great job of explaining exactly how the systems work. Look for it in a few days at ControlGlobal.com.