Melissa Hathaway on cybersecurity

From the White House blog this morning:

Melissa Hathaway at RSA2009"The globally-interconnected digital information and communications infrastructure known as cyberspace underpins almost every facet of modern society and provides critical support for the U.S. economy, civil infrastructure, public safety and national security.  The United States is one of the global leaders on embedding technology into our daily lives and this technology adoption has transformed the global economy and connected people in ways never imagined.  My boys are 8 and 9 and use the Internet daily to do homework, blog with their friends and teacher, and email their mom; it is second nature to them.  My mom and dad can read the newspapers about their daughter on-line and can reach me anywhere in the world from their cell phone to mine.  And people all over the world can post and watch videos and read our blogs within minutes of completion.  I can’t imagine my world without this connectivity and I would bet that you cannot either.   Now consider that the same networks that provide this connectively also increasingly help control our critical infrastructure." 

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