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Control Talk Blog

The Control Talk Blog provides guidance from a user's viewpoint on the design of automation systems, equipment, and piping for process control improvement. Details are offered on the selection and installation of PID controllers, control valves, variable speed drives, and measurements to maximize loop performance. The goal is an advancement of the profession by sharing conceptual principle based knowledge.

Off-site Insights Blog

Off-site Insights Blog by Digital Engagement Manager Amanda Del Buono offers a break from our normal process automation control coverage to take a look at how the technology you use at work is utilized in unique and innovative ways across other industries and throughout our everyday world.

Unfettered Blog

Control Systems Cybersecurity Expert Joseph M. Weiss is an international authority on cybersecurity, control systems and system security. Weiss weighs in on cybersecurity, science and technology, security emerging threats and more.

Ask the Experts

"Ask The Experts" is moderated on by noted process control authority and Control Columnist Béla Lipták. Lipták either answers the questions himself, or brings in one or more experts from his cadre of co-authors that worked with him on the Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Fourth Edition. Save yourself the hefty consulting fees by getting the answers to your questions here.

Other Voices

Articles contributed by industry experts and staff writers from our sister publications.

Technology Roundups

Control editors have done the research for you. We've boiled down all the marketing hoopla from product information descriptions and turned them into something useful. Check out our collection of product roundups compiled here at and find the software, hardware, machine components and devices you need quickly and easily.