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September 2018

Annual Calibration Exchange (ACE 2018)

Sept. 19-20, Pomona, Calif. 

Beamex's Annual Calibration Exchange will explore the latest insights, trends and best practices for process plant managers, engineers and technicians seeking to improve calibration quality, safety, accuracy and efficiency. Instructors will discuss day-to-day challenges and how best to solve them through new and innovative strategies and advances in calibration technology. 

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March 2018

Power & Energy Automation Conference

March 5-7, Spokane, Wash.

With a strong presence of industry in power and energy in automation, Power & Energy Automation Conference (PEAC) has established itself as a leading forum that attracts practicing engineers, technical staff, R&D personnel, managers, manufacturers, as well as university faculty and students to share their experience and ideas

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April 2018

2018 CSIA Executive Conference

April 24-27, San Francisco, Calif.

Themed "Growth Through Innovation and Sound Business Practices," the CSIA Executive Conference offers a dual track approach focused on taking the next step in “transformative business models” while maximizing growth through CSIA best practices. 

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