Social Media Communities


Thanks to the wonders of social media, connecting and interacting with your automation peers is as simple as clicking a mouse. With a few keystrokes, you can share photos, Web sites, updates and opinions with all of your friends and followers. Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ have made it possible to find, meet and network with people that have similar interests or backgrounds.

Do you want up-to-the-minute information about automation processes? Have you been looking for a venue to share your opinions, ideas and feedback with like-minded individuals? Well, we want to hear from you. Follow Control Global on Twitter, join our LinkedIn group, like us on Facebook, watch our videos on YouTube or listen to our podcasts on iTunes.

Microblogging— Twitter and similar microblogging sites are great resources for up-to-the-minute information. Discover and share industry news, new products and industrial developments with Control Global and our fellow tweeters.

Community— Facebook and similar community sites like LinkedIn allow users to connect with friends, fans and corporate acquaintances. Create your own profile, page or group, or join ControlGlobal’s community and become a part of the conversation.

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Videos— YouTube is a place to discover, watch, upload and share videos. Find training videos, product demonstrations, in-depth interviews and more. Be sure to subscribe to ControGlobal’s channel for video reports.

Podcasts— The Process Automation Media Network Channel on iTunes contains a wealth of audio interviews conducted with some of the biggest names in process automation and instrumentation fields. Listen to or save mp3 file interviews of various subject-matter experts from the industrial controls industries.