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CG1903 LevelSOT Tablet compressorLevel Measurement, Spring 2019

The latest trends, technology and implementations on the topic of level measurement are detailed in this new eBook from the editors of Control. Learn when reducing variability can be wrong, how to understand P, I and D, and why global warming is like level control. Download it here.


1904 DE small compressorOur latest issue: April 2019

Control's two 2019 inductees to the Control Process Automation Hall of Fame are both chemical engineers (ChEs) who have have demonstrated uncommon devotion to building process control wisdom and conveying it to others. Read the issue.


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Differential pressure level in a purged tank

Hydrostatic and head pressures can lead to confusion

Q: When using a differential-pressure (DP) level transmitter, are the high and the low pressure ports reversed if the tank is purged with nitrogen? Purging is needed because the tank contains a hydrate inhibitor.R. Revishr.revish@gmail.comA: In all wet leg-type level installations, the top…

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  • Guide IoT with CBM

    By Kevin Price

    As economic recovery gains momentum, increased activity is straining processes, equipment and patched networks of outdated machinery. As a result, plant managers are faced with multiple operational challenges. Suddenly, multiple assets need to be upgraded or replaced to take advantage of IoT…

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  • Benefits of gamers in the workforce

    Amanda Del Buono interviews ABB’s Hampus Scharing about the benefits the gaming generation can bring to savvy organizations.TranscriptAmanda Del Buono: Hello, and thanks for tuning into another episode of Manufacturing Tomorrow’s Workforce. I’m your host Amanda Del Buono.While industry…

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  • Reader feedback: April 2019

    Regarding “DP level in a purged tank,” I never knew that the reactor differential pressure level may have contributed to the Fukushima events.All boiling water reactors (BWRs) in the U.S. fixed this problem in 1993 (NRC Bulletin 93-03). I was the first to identify this issue in 1991 at Pilgrim,…

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  • Knowing the best is the best

    Greg: We often forget that the performance of equipment is in the care of the automation system that is the window into the process and the means of affecting the process. It starts with the measurement. You can only do as well as what the measurement tells you. Despite the process being in the…

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  • Gateway bridges EtherNet/IP and Modbus

    One of the most persistent obstacles in industrial networking has been the chasm between two of the most widespread protocols, Modbus and EtherNet/IP. Their longtime inability to talk to each other caused huge inefficiencies, which forced users to jury rig hardware and program software to translate…

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  • What's holding back mobile HMI?

    By Ian Verhappen

    Mobile HMIs have been discussed everywhere for many years now, including hard hat-mounted proprietary systems more than a decade ago. However, despite all the marketing about HMI “anywhere, anytime,” we still don’t seem to have much penetration beyond the more traditional wired panel. The…

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