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Exida Certifies Emerson DeltaV SIS


Aug 31, 2010

Exida, has certified the product reliability and design and engineering processes for the Emerson DeltaV SIS process safety systemas Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3-capable per IEC 61508.

"This demonstrates that the design and development processes used for the DeltaV SIS Logic Solver and its Relay, Relay Diode and Voltage Monitor modules meet the requirements of the IEC 61508 safety standard," says Michael Medoff, senior safety engineer at exida. "The results of the detailed audit are documented in exida's SafetyCase tool to verify that all relevant requirements of the standard are satisfied."

Exida performed a failure mode effect and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA), a structured, quantitative analysis which predicts failure rates, modes and diagnostic coverage and their effects on system operation. The analysis was verified by fault injection testing.