Intrinsic Safety / Foundation Fieldbus

MooreHawke ROUTE-MASTER Designed for Intrinsically Safe Installations

By Fieldbus Foundation

Sep 25, 2014

FF1409 MooreHawkeProdThe MooreHawke ROUTE-MASTER Fieldbus System uses a patented split-architecture design to deliver the highest segment current to a hazardous area of any intrinsically safe FOUNDATION fieldbus system. ROUTE-MASTER provides two trunks (350mA each) for each segment—enough to power 16 devices (20mA each) at 500m (1,500ft)—while remaining intrinsically safe for hydrogen-risk areas at the individual spur connection. The ROUTE-MASTER Device Couplers are available in models that handle four to 20 fieldbus devices.

Intrinsically Safe, Isolated Power Supply: The ROUTE-MASTER's rack-mounted fieldbus power supply delivers redundant intrinsically safe segment power for up to eight fieldbus segments. The isolated segments require no ground and have two trunks available with 350ma each. Passive conditioning and redundant DC power ensure an exceptionally reliable fieldbus segment.

Industry-First Advantages: Available in 4-, 8-, 10- and 20-spur models, ROUTE-MASTER Fieldbus Device Couplers use the same technology as the industry-first TRUNKGUARD Fieldbus Device Couplers to provide fully automatic segment termination. The patented technology prevents fieldbus segment failure from under- or over-termination, a major problem in fieldbus startups. The ROUTE-MASTER's auto-termination feature assures that local parts of a fieldbus segment will continue to function if remote parts of that segment are accidentally disconnected. This prevents costly downtime and hazardous situations.

For additional information, visit the MooreHawke website.