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Field Device Integration (FDI) Specification and Developer Tools Now Available

Mar 10, 2015

The FieldComm Group announced that the FDI Cooperation, LLC's Field Device Integration (FDI) specification, developer tools and common host components are now available for automation suppliers to develop products and host systems compatible with FDI. The FDI specification is publicly released and made available through the FieldComm Group. It was  submitted to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for final approval in the international standardization process and will be included in the emerging standard IEC 62769 which is expected to be approved Q1 2015.

At the core of the FDI specification is the FDI Device Package that includes everything a host system needs to integrate an intelligent device. With FDI, a single FDI Device Package that can scale according to the complexities and requirements of each device makes it easier for automation suppliers to develop and integrate device information and configurations across a wide range of host systems and protocols.

With the release of the FDI specification, developer tools and host components, FieldComm Group now offers  the support for the development of FDI based devices and host systems.

Developers may now implement and test FDI Device Packages using the FDI Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which will help device manufacturers create FDI Device Packages for FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART and PROFIBUS devices.

Host system manufacturers may also now implement FDI Host Components for host systems such as device management tools, asset management tools, or process automation systems. FDI Host Components allow for rapid development and ensure FDI Device Packages behave consistently across different systems. FDI Host Components fully support the new unified EDD file format for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and PROFIBUS devices as well as existing FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART EDDs to protect end user investments.

The FDI specification, developer tools and host components for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and PROFIBUS will be available through the FieldComm Group at

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