Free trial of ABB's new FDI-based device management software

By FieldComm Group

Jul 10, 2015

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ABB Field Information Manager (FIM) is the first device management tool to fully embrace the Field Device Integration (FDI) Common Host Components. It is the first FDI-based software for device management and makes the configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of fieldbus instruments easier and quicker than ever before. FIM is equipped with a high-performance and innovative graphical user interface that helps technicians to more effectively work with process instrumentation.

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ABB is currently offering a free trial of its "Device Window Edition" of the FIM software. Key features are:

  • Interoperability based on FDI Common Host components
  • ABB device packages pre-loaded
  • Generic HART device package for all HART devices
  • Option to import DD/EDD files, in case device packages are not suitable
  • New concepts for ease of use and navigation with touch support
  • Standalone tool for point-to-point online communication with one HART Device
  • Upgradable later for multiple devices

To obtain a free trial, visit the ABB website.