Safety Instrumented Systems

HIMA equips world's first fluoropolymer Up-Cycling plant with emergency shutdown system

Source: HIMA

By Aaron Hurd

Jun 10, 2015

cg1506 hima emergencyIn March, Dyneon GmbH opened and began operating the world’s first pilot plant to recycle end-of-life fluoropolymer materials in Burgkirchen, Germany.  Dyneon selected a HIMatrix safety controller from safety specialist HIMA as the emergency shutdown (ESD) system in order to safeguard the plant's depolymerization reactor. The safety system transitions the plant to a safe status in the event of excess temperatures being reached to exclude the possibility of risks for people and the environment.

The compact, modular HIMatrix safety controller was developed especially for applications that require from just a few I/Os to several hundred I/Os. Its efficiency, compactness and simple assembly of the various control and remote I/O modules are particular advantages, especially for networked and time-critical applications.

"Years of experience with the products from HIMA have also given us good reason to rely on their safety technology for this new process technology," explains Martin Neubauer, Project Manager EMSR at Dyneon.

Dyneon uses unique technology for treating waste to achieve the environmentally-friendly, sustainable recovery of raw material at its new, high-temperature recycling plant in the Industrial Park Gendorf works. Through pyrolysis, the perfluorinated "end-of-life" waste is broken down into monomers, with a recovery rate of more than 90 percent. The monomers are fed into the distillation system and can be used for the production of new fluoropolymers.