Moore Industries TFZ programmable FOUNDATION Fieldbus temperature transmitter

By FieldComm Group

Jul 15, 2015

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FCGI MooreTFZThe TFZ Programmable FOUNDATION Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter can be installed on the same segment with all standard FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. The TFZ converts a temperature sensor input to a FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, two-way digital communication protocol that is ready for interface to a DCS, computer-based SCADA system, or asset management software. It also saves wire and installation costs by allowing up to 32 field devices to be networked onto one, low cost FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 segment.  It requires only 10.5mA for normal operation.

The bus-powered, two-wire TFZ offers dozens of input and operation choices. It sets up from the control room over segment wiring, using a standard FOUNDATION fieldbus configuration tool, to handle 14 RTD types, nine thermocouple types, as well as direct millivolt and resistance/potentiometer inputs.

TFZ transmitters perform continuous sensor diagnostics. This patented Moore Industries feature saves costly lost production time and hours of troubleshooting. If the sensor breaks or otherwise stops sending a signal during operation, the transmitter instantly displays the type and location of the error on its display.

The TFZ is Fieldbus Foundation registered, CE Conformant, and is certified as an Intrinsically Safe, Non-Incendive, and Type N apparatus.

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