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ProComSol software application improves productivity

By FieldComm Group

Nov 30, 2015

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The DevCom software application from ProComSol provides the most efficient and productive way to manage your HART smart instrumentation. Running on the same hardware platforms that use Windows® or Android® operating systems for other maintenance tasks, it is instantly available when and where you need it. And it is cost-effective so everyone who needs it can have it.

The intuitive interface utilizes the standard HART tools and technologies made available by FieldComm Group, ensuring compatibility with all registered HART devices. When paired with the Bluetooth HART modem from ProComSol, it enhances safety by eliminating the need to be physically adjacent to the device when performing the maintenance tasks. There is no need to scale ladders with bulky equipment hanging from your belt.

FCGI1511 ProcomsolProduct

DevCom software supports the HART-IP communication standard, meaning that you can interface to multiple HART devices using any HART-IP compatible multiplexer or wireless gateway with a simple Ethernet connection—making access to the devices simple, convenient and immediate.

Improve your productivity with DevCom software from ProComSol.

For more information, visit the ProComSol website.