Siemens brings energy efficient LED streetlights to Manchester, N.H.

Source: Siemens

By Aaron Hurd

Jul 08, 2015

Manchester will become the first city in state of New Hampshire to convert existing system to energy efficient LED streetlights after Siemens installs over 4,500 energy efficient LED streetlights. 

Siemens has reached the halfway point in its streetlight retrofit project for the City of Manchester. The full project installation of 9,000 new LED streetlights, nearly a month ahead of schedule, will result in over $500,000 annually in energy and maintenance savings, reduce energy usage by 60 percent compared to existing streetlights, and provide citizens with clearer lighting conditions to improve visibility and safety. The project, through an agreement between the City of Manchester, Eversource, and the Public Utilities Commission, will also qualify for a $400,000 rebate from local electric utility Eversource.

“It’s great to see this project progress and reach the expected benchmarks.  Converting the city’s street lighting to LED is important to modernizing city infrastructure and once we have completed this phase I look forward to exploring bringing the LED technology to our city parks and other facilities,” said Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.

“This is a noteworthy milestone and we are very pleased to be supporting this initiative,” said Paul Ramsey, Eversource Vice President of Engineering – New Hampshire. “Ultimately, the City residents will benefit from energy efficient lighting technology that will provide cost savings. It’s nice to see this collaborative effort pay off.”

The installation, begun in April 2015, was based on an agreement between the City of Manchester and local electric utility Eversource. This agreement allows Siemens to remove the existing streetlights and install and maintain the new, more energy efficient LED lights. The installations are being performed by eight Siemens electricians, including seven City of Manchester residents hired through IBEW Local 490. The 9,000 LED streetlights have been carefully selected to provide the appropriate amount of lighting for various locations across the City and focus light directly downward on the streets and sidewalks.

The project is expected to be complete in September 2015.