TenneT takes over North Sea grid connections from Siemens

Source: Siemens

By Aaron Hurd

Jun 22, 2015

CG1506 siemenstennetSiemens has handed over the first four North Sea grid connections to its customer TenneT. The German-Dutch transmission grid operator has accepted the projects following successful completion of test runs by Siemens. The grid connections HelWin1 and HelWin2, BorWin2 and SylWin1 are now in commercial operation. BorWin3, the fifth grid connection, which was contracted in spring 2014, is slated to go online in 2019. About five million households will be supplied with electricity generated from wind power via this five links. Thanks to the use of high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission technology, the losses over those links are less than four percent.