Engineering Optimization: Applications, Methods, and Analysis

Apr 06, 2018

R. Russell Rhinehart, engineering coach, R3eda, at North Carolina State University, announced that his new book, "Engineering Optimization: Applications, Methods, and Analysis," published by John Wiley & Sons, is now available on

"Engineering Optimization: Applications, Methods, and Analysis" is a practically focused introduction to best practices, covering fundamental analytical and numerical techniques throughout each stage of the optimization process. 

Although essential algorithms are explained in detail, the focus lies more in the human function: how to create an appropriate objective function, choose decision variables, identify and incorporate constraints, define convergence, and other critical issues that define the success or failure of an optimization project. 

Rhinehart's web site provides access to VBA macros in Excel that implement many of the techniques and reveal issues and solutions on a variety of applications. Visit his website here.