Live from Rockwell Automation TechED 2018

Jun 11, 2018

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Headlines from Monday, June 11

1 1 TechED BlakeMoret Rockwell

Rockwell Automation Allies with PTC

"There's a wide field of technology to be harnessed," said Rockwell Automation CEO Blake Moret as the company puts a $1 billion equity stake in PTC. Read more.

1 2 TechED Diamond

One offshore driller’s cybersecurity journey

Diamond Offshore's Greg Villano discusses the many threats to operational integrity onboard its drilling vessels. Read more. 

1 3 TechED Insights

Cross data streams to connect dots

Wouldn't it be nice to know before you take an order whether or not you can do it?" Connected systems allow personnel to see a layered picture that single data sources can't. Read more.

1 4 TechED Microsoft

AI and ML generating real value in manufacturing

According to Microsoft's David Crook, the proven applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence will make up the factories of the future. Read more.

1 5 TechED Issue1 Article 5

Analytics for the everyman

Instead of spending time working your data, your data should work for you. With a data-driven approach, workers can explore production data and create analytics without the need for data pros. Read more.

1 6 TechED Owned Brewery

Keeping craft brewing creative

Process automation allows brewers to do what they do best: create recipes for seasonal and regional tastes while maintaining productivity. Read more.

Headlines from Tuesday, June 12

TechED Day 2 Story1 LP

Outcome economy spurring new Logix capabilities

"We're evolving our Logix architecture into a rock-solid outcome-based platform." Rockwell Automation’s Frank Kulaszewicz discussed how the company’s connected products and scalable software solutions are helping users transition to a digital, IoT-centric world. Read more.

TechED Day 2 Story2 LP

Pharma plant leverages regulatory compliance

How Cadila Healthcare's move to electronic batch record-keeping not only improved quality but also productivity. “Don’t just automate the paper process—can you achieve compliance and efficiency at a cost savings?” asks Prashant Sharma of Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Read more.

TechED Day 2 Story3 LP

Healing the IT-OT divide

OT and IT professionals have different priorities. “And although some attitudes are beginning to change, IT's most important aims have been confidentiality and integrity, while OT's most important aim has been availability," said Alan Raveling of Interstates Control Systems Inc. Read more.

TechED Day 2 Story4 LP

Amazon turns to Logix for modular edge intelligence

Machine-mounted solutions from Rockwell Automation are allowing Amazon to rapidly commission more modular fulfillment centers. Read more.

2 6 HAMLET PROTEIN plant bygning2011 194x166

7 key steps to digital transformation success

Rockwell Automation customer Hamlet Protein provides a great example of how a successful digital transformation occurs and identifies seven steps to transformation. Read more.

2 5 data overload 194x166

Suffering from data overload? There’s a cure

The FDA has encouraged the pharmaceutical industry to implement smart technologies, and it could transform the industry from a batch-centric to a continuous manufacturing approach. Read more.

Wednesday, June 13

3 1 temple grandin 194x166 compressor2

Solving problems through different ways of thinking

Temple Grandin, an American author, animal behavior expert, successful businesswoman and advocate for autistic people, gave a keynote address at TechED in which she expounded on topics ranging from how we invent and how to better teach our children to how different kinds of minds work when solving problems. Read more.

3 2 cisco 194x166 compressor

Wireless devices run securely on CPwE

Cisco’s Paul Didier explained how CPwE networks can be deployed to provide secure connectivity in both OT and IT environments. Read more.

3 3 operations 194x166 compressor

MES add-ons ignite end user operations

TechED attendees were given the rundown on Rockwell Automation's extensive—and growing—range of new manufacturing execution system capabilities. Read more.

3 4 threat 194x166 compressor

Detect and defend OT networks in real time

Rockwell Automation’s Umair Masud discussed how Claroty threat detection tools can allow one to proactively secure industrial/OT networks. Read more.

3 5 voice downtime 194x166 compressor

Prevent downtime with just your voice

Voice-recognition software and the Internet of Things (IoT) have set high expectations in everyday life, and these expectations are moving to the plant floor. A connected enterprise can provide more useful data, which can be used to make better decisions. “Hey Shelby, how many mixers are online?” Read more.

3 6 restrict contain 194x166 compressor

Contain security threats with network segmentation

An open and unsegmented network is a gift to cyber attackers, which is why network segmentation should be a part of every company's industrial security strategy. Network segmentation can help limit access of and damage caused by internal and external security threats. Read more.

3 7 dhs 194x166 compressor2

Cybersecurity: A process, not a project

To ensure cybersecurity, policy and procedures need to be put in place, defense-in-depth needs to be established, and best practices need to be regularly followed. Read more.