Live from the 2018 Yokogawa User Group

Sep 11, 2018

Headlines from Tuesday, Sept. 11

1 shigeyoshi uehara yokogawa 194 compressor

Yokogawa wants to help transform your business

No longer content to merely provide rock-solid control systems and instrumentation to the process industries, Yokogawa has significantly built out the top end of its technology and services portfolio and is aiming to take on with its customers their highest level business challenges. “Digital transformation is bringing on a profound transformation of the organization,” Yokogawa’s Shigeyoshi Uehara. “We hope to be the partner you rely on, to help make you ready.” Read more.

2 ram ramasamy frost sullivan 194

Shift happens: Prepare for the outcome economy

“Google speed at Amazon cost.” Frost & Sullivan’s Ram Ramasamy discussed the mega-trends shaping the digitalization of industry, predicting an imminent shift in business models for solution providers. Read more.

3 kenny mcnabb mcnabb associates 194 compressor

DCS migration aided by Yokogawa partnership

When facing unrelenting equipment obsolescence and looming risk to operations, assistance can be the difference between continued production and downtime. This is the experience Eastman Chemical is undergoing as it migrates its process control and automation systems to more modern and digitalized solutions. "Migrating process controls can be very jarring, even for a large company, but the way Yokogawa does business is very conducive to the changes that have to occur," said Kenny McNabb, president of McNabb Ventures LLC, who recently retired from Eastman Chemical. Read more.

4 eugene spiropoulos yokogawa 194 compressor

Updates boost flexibility of Centum VP controller

Catching your breath and getting your bearings can make it possible to survive, stay sane and maybe even thrive. Yokogawa's Eugene Spiropoulos offered just such a grounded guide to Yokogawa’s latest systems technology in his "Yokogawa Systems Update" presentation at the company’s Users Conference. "To enable our Synaptic Business Automation initiative, our automation solutions have been organized into five categories under our new OpreX platform," explained Spiropoulos. Read more.

5 simon rogers yokogawa 194 compressor

Holistic digital transformation via OpreX solutions

Yokogawa’s Simon Rogers explained how the company’s modelling expertise and implementation technology make for an unrivaled combination. “We can define the problems and apply the proper technologies.” Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, Sept. 12

1 jeff warman monroe energy 194 compressor

Monroe keeps Delta flying with KBC software

Monroe Energy president and CEO Jeff Warmann shared how the company’s refinery optimization strategies save money. With the help of KBC's software Monroe is helping save Delta about $150 million per year. Read more.

2 adam steltzner jpl 194 compressor

Starry-eyed, creative and heading back to Mars

NASA Chief Engineer Adam Steltzner explained how an open, vulnerable mindset can promote creative breakthroughs in any field. “Great works and great folly may be indistinguishable at the outset.” Read more.

3 mark routt yokogawa 194 compressor

Digitalization key to sustainable world energy

Just as engineers prefer stable energy sources and processes that run as expected, economists and businesses favor predictable financial streams. Fortunately, both can take advantage of the ongoing emergence of digital technologies, such as software, cloud-computing services and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). "Demand for energy just keeps growing, and there's no decline forecasted," says Mark Routt, chief economist for the Americas at KBC, a Yokogawa company. "Digitalization for both energy supply and demand will be critical to solving the world's energy balance." Read more.

4 marty martin air liquide 194 compressor

Air Liquide goes digital to redefine operational excellence

In this new world, any need for operator intervention will be treated as an incident to be investigated,” said Air Liquide’s Marty Martin as he discussed the company’s use of advanced control and communications technology. Read more.

5 peter reynolds arc 194 compressor

Are industrial operations in need of transformation?

In looking ahead to the future of digital transformation, Peter Reynolds first looked back to 1968’s “2001: A Space Odyssey,” to frame his presentation "Why do operations need a digital transformation?" Read more.

Headlines from Thursday, Sept. 13

1 helen dotson dow 194 compressor

Tsunami precipitates welcome evolution at Dow

Dow Chemical Global Process Automation Technology Leader Helen Dotson described the strategy behind the system migration at a tsunami-crippled facility and why thinking about what you will need for the next 20 years is integral. Read more.

2 timm madden 194 compressor

Time to embrace new project execution paradigm

Instrumentation and controls specialists involved in project execution really had a tough time of it back in the day, as Timm Madden, recently retired I&C consultant for ExxonMobil, tells it. They were always on the critical path of project completion, struggling to complete and field test thousands of terminations and lines of code, even as late design changes caused cascades of rework on designs that were to have been “frozen” months before. Although he’s telling stories of the 1970s, he’s also talking about standard industry best practices less than 10 years ago, when industry first began to roll out a range of new technologies that today are enabling a new era in the execution of automation projects. Read more.

3 lindsey beal shell canada 194 compressor

Shell operations integrity assured by KBC software

It's crucial to be sure what you're doing, but it's equally important not to check too much or too little. Achieving this delicate balance is essential for oil and gas processes like those run by Shell Canada. The oil major's complex and widely distributed applications require an operations integrity assurance program that has almost as many data sources and other "moving parts" as the facilities and processes that it helps oversee and manage. Read more.

4 shuhei shimizu iochem 194 compressor

Modernized controls facilitate smooth recovery after wildfire

How Yokogawa’s CENTUM VP system facilitated a clean shut-down and faultless re-start in the face of a wildfire-induced evacuation. Read more.

5 scott eddelson yokogawa 194 compressor

Stay atop the EPA’s new flare-monitoring regulations

Just like fire itself, flare-monitoring rules and technologies are dynamic and don't stand still. "In the last 10 years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been paying closer attention to flare emissions due to some incidents in which product went to flare but didn't burn completely, and in some cases to unlit flares," said Scott Eddleman of Yokogawa Corp. of America. Read more.