Live from 2019 Honeywell Users Group Americas

Jun 10, 2019

Headlines from Monday, June 10

1 1 john rudolph honeywell LP

Rudolph frames Honeywell digitalization vision

The president of Honeywell Process Solutions kicked off HUG Americas 2019 with the launch of Experion PKS Highly Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE). "Experion PKS HIVE provides freedom of engineering and truly standardized control. It's a different way to communicate." Read more.

1 2 jason urso honeywell LP

LEAP only first step in virtualization journey

PKS HIVE uses LEAP project execution principles, software and networking to unchain control applications from physical equipment, and controllers from physical I/O, enabling faster, simpler and cheaper control system engineering and implementation. Read more. 

1 3 will olp honeywell pmt LP

Cloud analytics unlock asset performance

A pilot program at Honeywell PMT in Orange, Texas, increased revenue and capacity by more than 2%, demonstrating the value that today’s cloud analytics can provide. Read more.

1 4 ed myszka honeywell LP

Redefining how the world uses energy

Honeywell Smart Energy’s Ed Miszka explained how the company can help its utility customers meet today’s fast-evolving challenges by bringing a holistic approach to optimization, safety and reliability. Read more.

1 5 sandeep chandran honeywell LP

Honeywell Forge hammers out productivity gains

Honeywell Forge for Industrial leverages 100 years of expertise in asset and process control technology to transform the way work gets done by owners and operators of industrial facilities and other critical assets and infrastructure. Read more.

Headlines from Tuesday, June 11

2 1 project panel LP

New tech, new thinking streamlines capital projects

An expert panel representing a range of industry perspectives illustrated how new technologies and project methodologies are making capital project issues more managable. Read more.

2 2 carrie eppelheimer uop LP

Refinery of the future less focused on fuels

Integrated refineries and petrochemical plants are the “Refineries of the Future,” said Honeywell's Carrie Eppelheimer. Integrating petrochemical capabilities helps refineries “Get the maximum value out of every drop of crude oil, and respond to market drivers.” Read more.

2 3 ed bullerdiek marathon LP

Planning essential to hot cutover success

Marathon Petroleum’s Ed Bullerdiek as explains how the company's Detroit refinery successfully upgraded the Foundation Fieldbus-networked system on its gas/oil hydrotreater without shutdown. Read more.

2 4 connected asset panel LP

Field connectivity powers data directives

Honeywell business unit leaders came together to discuss how the company’s increasingly connected asset offerings can help its customers to operate more successfully in a time of accelerating change. Read more.

2 5 eric knapp honeywell LP

Balance detection, response to counter cyber threats

To help its customers implement and maintain appropriate cybersecurity solutions, Honeywell's Forge for Industrial includes a cybersecurity platform consisting of asset management, secure resource management, risk appliance, and threat detection and management. Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, June 12

3 1 cyber panel LP

No time like migration for cybersecurity

Don’t put off adding cybersecurity until tomorrow if you're migrating process controls today. Honeywell’s Mike Spear detailed how the company is developing tools and models to help customers gain cybersecurity capabilities during migration projects. Read more.

3 2 marco santos braskem LP

Wearables empower field operators at Braskem

Marco Santos, production engineer from Braskem Idesa, demonstrates how people are integral assets in industry by showcasing the company's devotion to increasing reliability and productivity by investing in improving its people's skills. Read more.

3 3 vineet shah honeywell LP

Honeywell guaranteeing KPIs for renewables sector 

“Honeywell connects assets, people and data with software and processes to enable outcomes.”  Honeywell's Vineet Shah explained how utility companies' profitability increasingly hinges on operational expenditures. Read more.

3 4 nick sands dupont LP

A step-by-step approach to managing alarms

“Get rid of the alarms you don’t need, so you can see the ones you do,” explained DuPont Safety and Construction's Nicholas Sands in a presentation covering the 10 steps of the alarm-management lifecycle as defined by ISA 18.2. Read more. 

3 5 tony downes honeywell LP

Connected gas detectors boost safety performance

Honeywell’s Tony Downes explained how connected personal gas detectors can increase worker safety and reveal issues that otherwise remain hidden by using methods to bring new data and new information in from the edge. Read more.