Live from ABB Customer World 2019

Mar 07, 2019

Headlines from Tuesday, March 5

ulrich spiesshoffer abb 194 compressor

ABB, HPE partner with customers on digital world

In the fast-changing world of digitalization and Industry 4.0, help from friends like ABB and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) can make all the difference. Read more.

rover 194 compressor

Robotics, AI projects highlight ABB R&D efforts

The Innovation Lab at this year’s ABB Customer World in Houston offers a glimpse into some of the projects the company’s Corporate Research Center in Raleigh, N.C., has been working on, including the Rover, a six-wheeled autonomous vehicle with two sensor pods capable of performing a variety of tasks. Read more.


future of industry panel 194 compressor

Digitalization shaping future of industry

A panel that included ABB’s Peter Terwiesch, Krones’ Michael Wiebe, BP’s Richard Mortimer and ABB Guido Jouret discussed the future of industry and answer how digitalization differs for everyone. Read more.

guido jouret abb 194 compressor

ABB Ability strengthens industrial solutions

“On the factory floor, there are many good reasons to be concerned,” explained Guido Jouret, chief digital officer at ABB, emphasizing how ABB has addressed cybersecurity concerns with ABB Ability. Read more.

249492 chemical 194 compressor

For chemical makers, each digital journey is its own

All digital transformations are different as such there is no turnkey solution. "But there is a sweet spot between the business needs and how tech can enable it." Read more.

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Call on ABB for analyzer integration services

The company wants you to think of them the next time you need a specialist with expertise in the niche as its analytical systems integration unit pulls together all of the support systems needed to ensure that process analyzers perform accurately and reliably in the field. Read more.

wellhead 194 compressor

Digital wellhead management now affordable for the masses

ABB's new Ability Wellhead Manager allows operators to gather information about onshore upstream assets. The system is cloud-based, so real-time insights about production assets are available anywhere in the world. Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, March 6

Day2 story1 194

ABB Ability to enable autonomous future

In discussing ABB Ability's new digital capabilities, ABB’s Guido Jouret outlined the company’s vision for ABB Ability as an enabler of next-generation systems that will leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence to create adaptive systems. Read more.

02 Drone over Dubai lp

Drone takes gas-leak detection to new heights

The ABB Ability mobile gas-leak detection system can now be mounted on a drone and flown into areas with suspected gas leaks such as along natural gas pipelines. Read more.

03 select io case study lp

Select I/O sweetens sour gas project

A panel discussed how they upgraded process controls at the Wapiti sour gas plant in Northern Alberta by using ABB Select I/O and System 800x controls, coming in two months early and under budget. Read more.

04 energy panel lp

Energy future brightens with digital assist

Experts from CenterPoint Energy, ABB, Google and the University of Houston detailed future energy challenges and solutions at this week at ABB Customer World 2019 in Houston. Read more.

Day2 story5 194

Non-invasive sensor eases temperature measurement

The NiTemp, originally lunched in Europe last year, is being shown for the first time in North America at ABB Customer World. The sensor accurately measures temperature without shuting down, drilling a hole, or installing a thermowell. Read more.

Day2 story6 194

Past failures inform smart future for oil & gas

“The coal industry lobbied for a political solution to avoid innovation. That experience was not lost on energy companies of today.” said University of Houston's Charles McConnell in today's panel discussion, "What’s Driving the Energy Future for Oil and Gas," which looked at past failures to inform future successes. Read more.
Day2 Story14 194

Field Information Manager first to leverage FDI

ABB's new Field Information Manager promises to deliver a new level of efficiency to field device management and integration, while also being easy to use.  The tool leverages FDI technology and supports both legacy device descriptions and new FDI packages.  Read more.

Headlines from Thursday, March 7

keynote LP

Robots, ‘dirty’ jobs, and the future of work

"Adapting to new technologies helps the prosperity of companies and their communities, and is not a threat," ABB’s Sami Atiya said in the closing keynote of this week’s event, during which he explained that robots and humans need to collaborate to meet consumer demands. Read more.

project execution LP

Best practices for successful project delivery

During a panel on innovation in project execution strategies all the panelists lamented how in massive endeavors in the oil and gas space, busted budgets and missed deadlines are far too commonplace. "It requires thinking completely differently about the process." Read more.

operator 4 LP

ABB brings safety, efficiency to Field Ops 4.0

The new pilot technology dubbed Field Operator 4.0 was demonstrated this week in Houston, showcasing a tablet version and a hands-free HoloLens version designed to reduce interaction with operators in the control room. Read more.

giulia seikel abb LP

Digital wellhead may just need new protocol

ABB’s Giulia Seikel explains how equipping the company’s RTUs with the MQTT protocol will allow new levels of wellhead digitalization for its oil and gas customers. Read more.

miguel graves abb LP

ABB Ability streamlines maintenance tasks

“The simpler the process, the more everyone using the machines can participate in the process,” said ABB's Miguel Graves. This streamlining coupled with attractive tools gets personnel attuned to maintenance. Read more.

mom suite LP

Three ingredients needed for smart operations

When it comes to achieving smart operations, you need three key ingredients: analytics, people and synchronization, ABB's Matilda Steiner and Piotr Powroznik explained in their presentation this week. Read more.

hakon berg abb LP

Autonomy promises new frontiers of efficiency

ABB’s Häkon Berg along with David Funderburg and HPE’s Matthias Roese discussed what will be needed for manufacturing systems to move from simple automation to greater autonomy such as flexible technology stacks and continuous delivery of code. Read more.