Q2 2010 Issue


Industrial Networking magazine is all about the design and implementation of networked systems in industrial environments. From wireless Ethernet to process buses to device networks, Industrial Networking examines how OEMs, discrete manufacturers, and process plants can begin to take full advantage of networked system architectures in their manufacturing environments.

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Improvements in Fiberoptic Terminations Eliminate Obstacles to Installation
Fiberoptics Close the Copper Gap: Terminations, Power and Protection Issues Are Being Removed by New Technologies

Wireless Security and Standards Are Still Hurdles to Potential Users
Industrial Wireless Worries: Security and Standards Delay Adoption and User Affinity

Terminal Blocks, Connectors and Wire Continue to Evolve and Improve
Better-Connected Networks: Manufacturing Improves Performance Characteristics or Terminal Blocks, Connectors and Wire

Search for a Single Spine
Integrating Controls, Power, Security, Environmental and Enterprise Systems Is a Pain. Some Network Designers Are Pursuing a Single Backbone Approach

Don't Get Lost in Data Translation
When You Move Data Between Differing Systems or Networks, Several Factors Influence the Decision to Use TraditionalHardware or Additional Software to Convert Protocols

Freaky Integration
The Amount of Technical Overlap of Control and Automation Topics is Getting to the Point Where There Is Only Overlap and Little Else.

Industrial Networking Devices
See What's New in Industrial Networking Devices


Number of Security Incidents Continues to Increase
The number of control system security incidents, especially in water/wastewater, rose sharply in 2009, according to a report from the Security Incidents Organization

Three Variants Dominate Industrial Ethernet
EtherNet/IP, Profinet and Modbus TCP/IP comprise 80% of most used industrial Ethernet variants worldwide, according to a study from IMS Research

Europe Eyes Enhanced DCS, SCADA
European manufacturers are paying greater attention to operational efficiency.