Summer 2010 Issue


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CONTROL is the only magazine exclusively dedicated to the global process automation market with a readership of 65,000 plus engineering, operations and management professionals. The publication reports on developing trends, illustrates successful applications, and updates the basic skills and knowledge base that provide the profession's foundation. This is an advertising supplement to CONTROL.




Innovation's New Frontier
Q&A with Emerson's Peter Zornio

I/O on Demand: The New Paradigm
One of the Goals of Human-Centered Design Is to Eliminate Unnecessary Work

Redefining the Project Path
Emerson's DeltaV S-Series Allows Users to Add or Change I/O Types Whenever They Make Project Design Changes

Redesigned for How You Work
Both S-Series and M-Series I/O Hardware Can Coexist in the Same DeltaV System with No Trade-Offs or Incompatibilities

The Ultimate in Flexibility
44 % of Process Control Inputs Can Be Wireless with No Difficulty and for a Greenfield Plant That's a Savings of 7% Overall

The New Game in Fieldbus
Fieldbus Reduced the Number of I/O Cards Needed at the Control Room, but It Still Requires Third-Party Power Supplies and Power Conditioners

Flexibility Without Compromise
Emerson's I/O on Demand Approach Transformed Users' Ability to Flexibly Deploy Modular, Distributed Safety Applications

Calculate Your Project Savings
How Much Money Can You Save?

The Early Reviews Are In
Emerson Revolutionize How the Process Industries Do I/O