Q3 2011 Issue


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DART Targets Intrinsic Safety
What If Live Working Never Created an arc in the first Place? Dynamic arc Recognition and Termination (DART) Detects a Developing arc and Removes the Power the Instant Before It Forms

Signal Processing Drives Network Design
Digital Networks Enable Remote Signal Processing and Control via Intelligent I/O

Hardware Rules, Software Drools
Without Networking Hardware, All of Software's Invisible Ones and Zeros Would Be Lying Around on Chips--Truly Doing Nothing. Hardware Is Still the Pathway That Brings Them into a Useful Existence

Connectors in Unexpected Settings
Connector Are Showing Up In So Many Applications Outside of Factory Automation

Legacy Networks Never Die
You Can Connect an Old Network to Your Modern Control or IT System. It Might Not Be Easy

PoE -- The Evolution Continues
The IEEE PoE Standards Continue to Evolve, so What's the Impact of These "New" IEEE Standards on Industrial Applications

Remove the Stack Lights
Why Aren't More Machines "Aware" of Their Own Surroundings?


China's Industrial Ethernet Sector Set for Growth
As the power and energy industries build in China, the market for Ethernet infrastructure components to serve those industries is booming as well

Wireless Networking Breaking Down Barriers
Increased adoption of mesh networking and its self-healing capabilities could help to propel wireless networking to strong growth through 2015