Summer 2012 Issue


An advertising supplement to CONTROL, sponsored by ABB. Exclusive research on the state of operator effectiveness in the process industries.
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Set You Operators Up fro Success
The power if integration can transform your peple into strategic assets.


Operator Effectiveness: The Case for Investment
Is It Any Wonder that Operators' Inability to Act Capably and Confidently Is Responsible for an Enormous Loss of Productivity, Money, and Even Life Across Industry?

The State of Operator Effectiveness
Operators Can Influence Plant Performance Significantly

Seamless Integration Promotes Collaboration
What Operators Need The Most to Succeed Is Information. However, the Challenge Is to Provide Seamless Access to Multiple Sources of Information

Putting the 'Human' First in HMI Design
The Challenge for Designers of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) Remains a Balancing Act

Control Center Design Can Boost Operator Performance
Why Are Control Centers and Operator Stations Designed Without Respect to Human Factors?

Simulator Training Boosts Competence, Confidence
Better Trained Operators Can Help Increase Plant Safety, Reduce Start-Up Time and the Number of Unplanned Shutdowns