Fall 2014 Issue

CG14120 HART Supp

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HART Universal Solutions: Compliance, Remote Access Secure, Wired, Wireless, IP Big Data, Analytics, Digital Scalable, Reliable, Integration Intelligent, Actional, Sustainable



HART – Unlocking the Value of Data

WirelessHART and Now HART-IP Deliver HART Data at the Speed of Ethernet

HART Assimilates Universal Standard

HART-IP Delivers HART Data to High-Level Applications via Internet Protocol

Boldly Going Without Wires

From setup and teardown to predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring, WirelessHART is proving its mettle in the control room, in the field and literally down the road.

Dow Chemical Uses HART to Support Plant-Wide Culture Change

Empowering teams with HART data improves instrument reliability, leading to 85% reduction in reactor trips and millions of dollars saved at Deer Park facility

HART Plant of the Year Facilities Keep Building on Success

Additional information and wireless connectivity are further improving productivity, reliability and efficiency.