Q2 2014 Issue

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Industrial Networking magazine is all about the design and implementation of networked systems in industrial environments. From wireless Ethernet to process buses to device networks, Industrial Networking examines how OEMs, discrete manufacturers, and process plants can begin to take full advantage of networked system architectures in their manufacturing environments.

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BYOD Gains Traction as Employees Demand Access from Mobile Devices

Many Employees Practice BYOD on the Job With Their Smartphones and Tablets. Have Companies Found a Way to Let Them Do It Safely and Securely?

Engineers Use Smartphones to Monitor and Control Entire Manufacturing Plants

Smartphones Monitor and Control - Engineers Use Mobile Devices to Monitor and Control Equipment, Energy Consumption and Output For Entire Buildings

Sharing And Syncing Data Using BYOD

Employees Throughout the Industrial Enterprise Want to Remotely Access All Types of Corporate Data

Mohawk Buys into BYOD

By Monitoring Information From a Wide Array of Processes, Mohawk Ensures the Entire Enterprise is Constantly Aligned

Signal Conversion is a Key Building Block For Control Systems

Signal Converters and Gateways Play an Increasingly Important Role Because Integration from End to End of Any Control System is Becoming Expected

Wireless Builds Ties That Bind For Automation Industry Networks

Today's Wireless Market is Growing at About a 16% Annual Growth Rate, and it's Maturing at the Same Time

Complete Mobile Device Efficiency For Machine Builders—Is There an App for That?

Instead of Waiting Until the End of a Shift, Day or Week, Crucial Data Can be Made Available in Real Time so Adaptations or Adjustments Can Be Made Instantly to Ensure Optimal Performance


ISCI Expands Coverage of ISASecure Cybersecurity Certification Program

According to the ISCI, the objective of this certification is to ensure cybersecurity robustness for off-the-shelf control systems and to certify that the systems are free from known vulnerabilities.

HART Foundation Introduces HART-IP

HART-IP connects to the plant networking infrastructure, enables enterprise-wide access to information, and provides fast access to measurement and device diagnostics.

Tech Leaders Form Industrial Internet Consortium

Vice President Guido Jouret of Internet of Things Business Group for Cisco said, "Ninety-nine percent of everything is still unconnected. As the world looks to connect more things over the Internet, it's creating the next industrial revolution."

FF Expands Beta Test of FDI Specification, Developer Tools

At the core of the specification is the FDI device package that includes everything a host system needs to integrate an intelligent device.